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The Sugaring Process & FAQ

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  • For those converting FROM waxing, 4 weeks of hair growth is recommended to optimize the transition to sugaring.​

  • For those who are sick of constantly shaving, a minimum of 2 weeks of hair growth is needed.

  • For the best results, avoid caffeine and any other stimulants before your appointment. Trust us, this really does help relieve any sensitivity.

  • Pregnancy/menstrual cycles can also affect your experience. Please tell your Sugarista so that they can adjust for increased sensitivity.


  • Try to avoid working out immediately after your appointment. Keep sweating to a minimum for approximately 24hrs after being sugared.

  • Try to keep sugared areas dry for 24hrs. after your appointment.

  • DO NOT shave, trim, or tweeze during the regrowth period! We will need 4 weeks of regrowth after your initial sugaring to properly re-sugar those hair follicles.

  • For the best results, use post care products to exfoliate the sugared areas and avoid ingrown hairs.


  • How do I cancel my monthly membership ? 
    For all membership cancellations email us at we do not take membership cancellations over the phone.

  • What happens if I miss a month while having the membership ?
    You have one additional month to use that membership credit before it expires. You can also use that monthly membership credit for anything the same price as the credit, or less than!

  • Can someone else use my monthly membership ?
    No, unfortunately the membership is catered just for you.

  • How many months am I required to have the membership ?
    Just three! After that you can cancel at any time.

  • If I forget to cancel my membership, can I be refunded those credits back ?
    Unfortunately no. Think of it like a gym membership, if you do not come in, we do not know that! We are unable to refund membership credits back to you if in the case you forget to cancel via email. So please. If or are unable to stay with us at our salon let us know!! 

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