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The Sugaring Process

Milk Bath


  • For those converting FROM waxing, 4 weeks of hair growth is recommended to optimize the transition to sugaring.​

  • For those who are sick of constantly shaving, a minimum of 2 weeks of hair growth is needed.

  • For the best results, avoid caffeine and any other stimulants before your appointment. Trust us, this really does help relieve any sensitivity.

  • Pregnancy/menstrual cycles can also affect your experience. Please tell your Sugarista so that they can adjust for increased sensitivity.


  • Try to avoid working out immediately after your appointment. Keep sweating to a minimum for approximately 24hrs after being sugared.

  • Try to keep sugared areas dry for 24hrs. after your appointment.

  • DO NOT shave, trim, or tweeze during the regrowth period! We will need 4 weeks of regrowth after your initial sugaring to properly re-sugar those hair follicles.

  • For the best results, use post care products to exfoliate the sugared areas and avoid ingrown hairs.

Washing Hands
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